Example that overcomes the world

April 21, 2017

      After the communist revolution in China, a bishop was put in the death march where later he perished. A communist colonel who was in charge of the march put a sack around his neck. It weighed about thirty pounds. It was so tied that the rope would gradually tighten as he marched; the sack would become heavier, and the bishop would eventually be choked to death. As the march began, a fellow prisoner who later told me the story, broke ranks, went up to the communist colonel, and shouted at him, “Don't do that!” “Look at the man!”

     The communist colonel looked at him as if for the first time in his life he really saw suffering, and then he said to the one who interrupted him, “Get back in line, you dog!” 

     The death march began, and this friend of mine said that he tried to peer through the marching lines of the prisoners to see if he could catch a sight of the bishop, supported by two fellow prisoners. After about a mile he saw him. The bishop was still standing, but the sack was not on his back. The sack was on the back of the Communist colonel. I asked, “What happened?

     ”He said the Communist colonel put it on his own back. And why? He said, “I think he was edified by the patience and resignation of the good bishop. In any case the communist  was arrested for having done that service, and the last we heard he was in prison.”