Energy -- Why does our energy decline?

November 7, 2019

There are two theories about energy. One is that we have just a certain amount of it, like money in the bank. When it's spent, we are exhausted. The other theory is that there's a blockage of the energy, and energy itself can be renewed. As a matter of fact, we never get the second wind until we have used up the first. We never enjoy the swim until after the shock of the first cold plunge.    Hypnotists have shown that by suggesting to a man that he is strong, he can lift a weight sixty percent greater than normal. If it is suggested to him by hypnotism that he is weak, he can lift forty percent less than normal. I think the secret of all energy is that as sanctity declines, energy declines. When love of Christ begins to lessen, then we lose energy. The remedy to not having time is wasting some time. Waste some time for Christ's sake.