March 22, 2021


I hope this email finds you well. I have a question regarding objects. My aunt told me the other day that she wanted me to exchange my rosary with hers, because she said that she wanted "my energy." I told her that her belief appears to reflect eastern beliefs (e.g such as Hinduism. She says that she believes when people touch something, they leave their energy/ presence on that item. For example, she referenced religious relics. She also says that when people hug each other they transfer towards each other energy. What should I tell her?


That language and that belief about transferring energy is NOT Catholic. Your aunt unfortunately is a low information Catholic. Her rhetoric is borrowed from the New Age movement. Read the below article... › Articles_Religion of

The Religion of Life Force Energy - by Marcia Montenegro, May, 2015. The concept of energy and vibrations is at the heart of New Age and occult beliefs, especially New Age and occult healing.*. Directing, manipulating, balancing, summoning or channeling an energy (or spirits or force) is found in numerous practices usually termed as "alternative" healing.