Drawing closer to the light of Christ

February 6, 2019

Christ is our light. If we are walking away from the sun (for the sun is the symbol of Christ), the shadows are before us. This is one of the reasons why we have Catholics afflicted with every manner of psychosis and neurosis, afraid of these lengthening shadows, of these phantoms and fears and dreads. As we walk away from Christ, the further we go, the longer the shadows that appear before us - the resentment, the aggressiveness, just as soon as we are checked and told that we are walking from the light.    If however, we walk toward the sun, and intensify our love of Christ, then all the shadows are behind us - all the remorse and regrets. As the sun comes more and more into our life, all these things pass away. Fears are gone, remorse is swallowed up in the intense love of Christ.