March 12, 2021


Hello Terry and Jesse, I work as a teacher in California and my district is highly encouraging staff to receive the vaccine so much so that are offering a $200 incentive. I will NOT be taking the vaccine even if I was offered a million dollars! We were told that members who have religious or medical issues that prohibit receiving the vaccine need to contact HR by writing a letter of intent to be excluded from  receiving the vaccine, as well as provide our rationale. I know as a Catholic I cannot take the vaccine and have no intention of doing so, but I worry that merely stating I am Catholic will not provide adequate justification since many of our "Catholic" leaders are actively promoting and choosing to take the vaccine. I know in my heart that it is wrong, but I have trouble articulating the rationale (the religious beliefs) behind not wanting to receive the vaccine. Will you kindly help provide me with words to write this letter?


I would ask fellow workers who have written a letter to HR to let you see their copy so that you can know how to write your letter so that it passes muster. In addition, I would go to my union and speak to a representative and the union lawyers and ask them how you can defend your rights not to get vaccinated. If enough Americans do this it will have to be litigated in a court of law, the government and the employers are guilty of overreach. So far as I have read, there has never been a time in America where vaccinations were forced on people. Or get a hold of the Thomas More Law Center - this is a Catholic law firm. Remember, you don’t HAVE to live in California, there are 49 other states that are not mandating this. Also, make sure your living in a state of grace and praying like clockwork, we are living in evil times.