September 27, 2017
Hear No Evil Speak No Evil See No Evil


What is the greatest weapon of the devil against mankind?


To make us believe he doesn't exist. In Letter VII, Screwtape tells his young protégé that the most effective thing he can do to bring souls to hell is to convince people that Satan does not even exist. Fr Gabriel Amorth (Vatican Exorcist) said: "One out of three theologians does not believe in the existence of Satan; almost 2 out of 3 believe in his existence but not in his practical actions and refuse to take it into account in pastoral activity. This leaves very little room for those who believe and try to act accordingly. The few exceptions are forced to act against the tide, and often are ridiculed and ostracized by the rest of the clergy. These statistics were gathered in West Germany in 1974 and were published in the Concilium" (An Exorcist More Stories p.17).