"Does the crucifix mean anything to us?"

February 4, 2019

This silver crucifix that I wear, I wear in reparation. I was in a Jewish jewelry store one day in New York, where I had known the jeweler for twenty or twenty-five years.  He said to me, I have some silver crucifixes for you.  And he gave me a bag of silver crucifixes, over a hundred of them. I said,  Where did you get them?   Oh , he said,  From sisters, they brought them in. They told me,  We 'e not going to wear the crucifix anymore; it divides us from the world. How much will you give us for the silver?  The jeweler said,  I weighed them out thirty pieces of silver.  Then he said,  What s wrong with your Church? I thought that meant something to you?  So I told him what was wrong. Three months later I received him into the Church.