Do not neglect so great a salvation

February 5, 2021

If a man takes a poison and is given an antidote, it makes no difference whether he throws the antidote out of the window or whether he just neglects it. Because the poison is operating in his system, death is certain. Scripture asks us, “How shall we escape if we neglect?”  - just neglect. How often in the gospels, for example, it is said, “Thou didst not, thou didst not, thou didst not” - the refusal to walk the extra mile. The mole once had eyes to see, but it groveled down in the bowels of the earth, and nature, as if seated in judgment, said, “Take the talent away!”  And the talent that is not used as taken away. This is the first reason we have to begin to act differently, to resist the forces of evil.