Do I have authority over my children for spiritual warfare?

June 3, 2021


I'm now separated from my husband, I have 2 children, 1 is his. We were not married sacramentally, nor did we convalidate our marriage. We have been legally married for 7 years, we were both baptized Catholic. I did not grow up in the Church, he did. I had my conversion to the Catholic Faith in 2017, since then I have been brought fully into the church by the sacraments. My husband and I are separated for the 3rd time because of many reasons that include drugs, and all types of abuse. My question a mother that never was married sacramentally to either father, do I have authority over my children for spiritual warfare?


By the natural law and divine law (4th commandment) you have spiritual authority over your children. Since the husband is not there in your home, you have the duty to continue praying for them (prayers of blessing and deliverance). Use these binding prayers everyday for your children - auxiliumchristianorum, page 117< these prayers were written for the laity by a team of Catholic Exorcist.