Devils Activity

September 5, 2018


What are the levels of the devil’s activity against God’s children?


There are many assessments of demonic activity, but the simplest scheme to describe the demon’s work is the triad of temptation, oppression and obsession. These 3 kinds of demonic activity go from the least intrusive to the most intrusive and represent differing degrees of loss of freedom for the afflicted person…Possession is only different from obsession only by degree; it is the highest degree of obsession, in which the person loses most or all of his freedom at any given time of attack. We can liken the kinds of demonic activity to an enemy army that lays siege to a city. Temptation is like the enemy standing outside the city gates asking the occupants to come out and talk; oppression is like the enemy bombarding the city from the outside with shells and mortars; obsession is when the enemy breaches the walls and gets inside the city taking it block by block but is not yet in full control of it. This is sometimes called “partial possession.” Finally, full possession is when the enemy if fully inside the city and has taken near or full control of the body (Exorcism & the Church Mililtant - p.34).