Desperate Parents

September 8, 2020


I’m writing to you because I have a 17 year old daughter who I’m deeply concerned about. She started hanging out with some kids her freshman year in high school who have same-sex-attraction. In the past year and half she started suffering from depression and anxiety. I started taking her to a therapist to no avail. September of last year she told therapist she wanted to kill herself. She was admitted to Behavioral hospital for 5 days.  Life looked a little better. She got a job at a restaurant. She started working and it seemed that things calmed down for a while. She started dating the boy that helped her get the job. Everything seemed well. The end of January she was asked if she could help with the confirmation retreat and she accepted. When she came back from the retreat she broke up with her boyfriend. She stopped caring about her appearance and said it was because of her depression. A month later I found packets of marijuana gummy bears. We approached her about it and admitted to using drugs. Later I found out that she had also been using LSD. Fast forward to July and I find a same-sex-attraction video. I couldn’t believe it. I approached her about it and she didn’t deny it. She stormed out of the house and has been cold since then. I told her it was morally wrong. A few days ago I saw a picture in her room that had women saying “kill the babies”. I’ve taught her to defend the unborn and we’ve gone on prolife marches. Also, she’s become a big police officer hater since  George Floyd death. She wrote ACAB on our fridge and I asked her what that meant and she said all cops are bastards. I have kept her in faith formation since kindergarten until senior year. She’s attended Catholic heart work camp, Archdiocesan youth conference, a lot of retreats. We always attend Sunday Mass, she would go to adoration with me. She always talked about marriage and family. I don’t know my daughter anymore. I know I’m in a spiritual battle. I put holy water in her room every time she leaves the house, I’m praying the novena and will continue to pray novena of the precious blood of Jesus. I’m praying three rosaries a day. My husband and I are currently doing a 33 day consecration to St. Joseph. We have a daughter that is terminally ill and needs 24/7 care. So I’m just exhausted, I offer her suffering along with mine and unite it to Jesus.
Can you please tell me what else I can do? What is happening to my daughter?


You and your husband are doing all the right things. Its pretty simple what is happening, the devil runs the world (cf. 1 John 5:19 & CCC 407). We will all be fighting for the souls of our kids until we die. Stay the course, keep on doing what your doing, its serves a twofold purpose, your praying for you daughter which is an act of charity mandated by God (cf. 1 Tim 2:1) and your also becoming holier in the process and prepare yourself for heaven.  I recommend you contact -