Dependence In Love

August 12, 2022

Our freedom, therefore, is not an independence of truth, but rather dependence in love. That is the joy of being a Catholic. Perhaps I can make it clear with this analogy. On an island in the sea there were children. Around the island were great high walls. Inside those walls the island children sang and danced and played. One day some men came in a rowboat to that island. They were reformers, and they said to the children, “Who put up those walls? Someone is restraining your freedom. Tear them down.”  The children tore them down. Now if you go back, you will find all of the children huddled together in the center of the island, afraid to play, afraid to sing, afraid to dance, afraid of falling into the sea. That is the Church, the wall is truth, and as Christ said, “If the Son of Man makes you free, you are free indeed.”