February 26, 2020


Love your show and VMP Radio. At the risk of sounding superstitious should I be concerned about getting a cadaver bone graft for dental surgery. I think that as long I continue to be a good Catholic living a sacramental life and stay (try to stay) in a state of grace, getting this bone graft should not have any spiritual ramifications (if the donor was a bad person). Your expert advice please. Keep up your great and holy work. 


Dan Schneider, Healing, Liberation & Exorcism Instructor Response:

The animal grafts are more problematic (i.e., pig heart valves) and should be avoided. The human cadaver ones seems to present an issue of ‘soul ties’ by means of the bodily commingling, which would suggest that breaking of any (potential) unholy soul ties with he deceased donor as advisable. 

Kyle Clement, Healing, Liberation & Exorcism Instructor Response:

I concur with Dan and would add that we have had several cases over the years where this was a secondary or tertiary issue. In each case involving a Catholic, the foreign matter was eventually removed for reasons of either medical complication, tissue rejection, necrosis of surrounding tissue, or infection.

Once the foreign element was removed, physical difficulties associated with the prodedure(s) and spiritual affliction, including dreams, hallucinations, sensations of deja vu, aversion to once familiar places, people, and sacred things, ceased.