Democrats Pro-Choice. Except for.......

May 29, 2018
Democrats Montage

Look at some of the consequences  as a result of the US Supreme court passing Roe v Wade:

Abortion is a diabolic anti-God force that denies the inviolability of all life!

Abortion is the greatest deprivation of individual freedom in our history!

Abortion discriminates against our own human family!

Abortion is a greater weapon of mass destruction than any nuclear device!

Abortion will destroy more lives than all the wars in history!

Abortion is a social suicide; we kill our own citizenry, and their heritage!

Abortion has made us a nation of barbarians!

Abortion treats dead babies as trash, denying them the dignity of a burial!

Abortion is the real war against women; the injurious effects are numerous!

Prayers for our preborn American citizens,