Deliverance prayers for the laity work! A shout out to our Lord Jesus Christ!

May 17, 2021


I just wanted give you all a shout out and give praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! As you all know, deliverance prayers for the laity work! My son has been away from the church for a couple of years now, and I've suspected recently he was using some sort of illegal drugs. I have been praying the auxillium christonorium prayers daily for about a year. A week ago I was motivated to through and say the deliverance prayers for my son, six days in to it he came to his mom and said he was ready to come back! This sunday he went to confession and received the eucharist for the first time in a couple of years! I know this is just the beginning and I've warned him that the devil isnt done with him, but praise be Jesus I think he is ready to reingage in the fight! God Bless you all and thank you!


The merit and efficacy in your prayer comes from the fact that you are:

1. His Father.

2. Your in a state of grace.

3. Your prayers are specific.

4. Your praying the proper deliverance prayers that are very effective.

Keep it up, don't stop. I love to hear good news stories like this. Praise God!