The danger of indifference

February 8, 2019

As time goes on, the good and the bad have different attitudes. The good are less conscious of their goodness. They strive to be zealous, close to the Lord; they are more conscious of their failings. But evil people, and those that are not living up to their full commitment to Christ, they are very satisfied. Samson did not know that his strength had left him. Saul, the first king the Israelites, did not know that the Lord had left him. We become self-satisfied and resent any challenge to change. Take a frog; put that frog in water. Then heat the water imperceptibly, day by day increasing the temperature until the water is boiling. At no point during the increase of temperature will the frog ever offer resistance. It will never realize that the water is too hot - until it s dead. That is the way we are spiritually. We just become used to the temperature of the world. And we don t realize that it is gradually possessing us until we are in its grip. So we are doing battle therefore with triteness, shallowness, and dullness, and we have to resist and begin to go in the other direction.