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January 16, 2018
Priest Alexa

1.  Gospel of Mark 2:23-28

2.  Venerable Fulton Sheen - "Covering Up Conscience" 

3.  Priest Asks “Alexa” Who Founded the Catholic Church & Gets Amazing Response In Viral Video - https://churchpop.com/2018/01/03/priest-shows-how-alexa-knows-who-founde... this video from 4 seconds to 1:01

4.  Report: Declining Church Attendance Is Problem for Everybody, Not Just Believers http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/03/report-declining-chur...

5.  Porn star August Ames commits suicide after bullying for refusing to have sex with man who did gay porn - http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/12/07/porn-star-august-ames-co...

6.  The Key to Unhappinessby Dennis Prager Nov 20, 2107 - Want to be miserable, resentful, and bitter? Few people do, and yet many people are. Why? Because many people have the one primary character trait that leads to unhappiness. And you need to avoid it. Nationally syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager explains - https://www.prageru.com/videos/key-unhappiness Play Prager video from 45 seconds to 3:11