Conversion Without a Word

November 5, 2020

In the holy hour, therefore, we will begin the work of transferability of merits. Because as we live in a mystical body, the merits of one can be transferred to another. The believing wife, says St. Paul, sanctifies the unbelieving husband. The believing husband sanctifies the unbelieving wife. No man lives for himself, says Paul, and no man dies for himself. There is this transfer of the faith, as it were, of the wife to the husband and vice versa. If we burn our face, doctors will graft skin from another part of the body to the face. If we are suffering from anemia, doctors will transfuse blood from another member of society to us to cure us of that anemic condition. If it is possible to transfuse blood, it is possible to transfuse sacrifice. If it is possible to graft skin, it is also possible to graft prayer. In the holy hour, our prayers, our petitions, our adoration will be transferred to our brothers and sisters in Christ.