Conscience Will Come Out

January 17, 2018

Guilt will always come out; one can see it when one knows souls well.  I was once instructing a young woman who had finished about fifteen hours of teachings on tape and records. After the first instruction on confession she said to my secretary, 'I'm finished.  No more lessons. I do not want to hear anything about the Catholic church from now on.' My secretary phoned me and I said, 'Ask her to finish the other three on the subject of confession, and then I will see her.' I saw her at the end of these three, and she was in a veritable crisis. She was screaming, shrieking, 'Let me out of here! Let me out of here! I never want to hear anything again about the church after hearing this talk on confession.' Well, it took about five minutes to calm her down and I said, 'Listen, my good girl.  There is absolutely no proportion between what you have heard and the way you are acting. So there has to be something else. Do you know what I think is wrong? I think you have had an abortion.' She said, 'Yes --so happy that it was out. Now see how that bad conscience came out? She made an attack upon confession, the truth, the faith --but that was not the problem.