Christian doctrine or Christian service?

November 24, 2020

The highest degree of philia comes through service. When we become exhausted through service, we are always happy and refreshed. It may very well be that this is where our CCD breaks down. I changed the name to Christian Life, away from Christian Doctrine because I did not like the emphasis on doctrine. Our Blessed Lord said: “If you do my will, you will know my doctrine.” He never said, “If you know my doctrine you will do my will.” Obedience is the path to knowledge. Obedience prepares for the Spirit: after thirty years of obedience, our Lord received the Spirit.    A scientist learns the laws of nature by sitting patiently and obediently before nature to allow it to tell him its secrets. So, if we could introduce not just doctrine, but service, the acting out in the concrete fashion of Christian doctrine, to our children, it would mean much more to them. They would learn the gospels, learn the doctrine of love of neighbor, not just simply from a book, but from self-sacrifice.