Christ was the great sacrament 

September 7, 2022

Christ himself was the great sacrament because he was the Word made flesh. He was the God-man. We would have seen a man, but we would have known that he was the Son of God. Therefore, Christ is the supreme sacrament of history.  His human nature was the sign of his divinity. We saw God through his body. We see eternity through his time, and a loving God in the form of a man who was like us in all things, save sin. Our Blessed Lord took his human nature to heaven. Once he was glorified in heaven, he became our mediator, our intercessor, our high priest who can have compassion for us and on us because he passed through our temptations and our sufferings and our trials.  Because he is God as well as man, he is going to pour down upon us from heaven his truth, his power, his grace, his life. How will he do it? He will not do it through what we might call his 'bodiness', because that is already glorified in heaven. He will do it through things and also through human natures. He will use certain things in this world as extensions of his glorified body.  These things might be water, bread, and oil, and so forth -- channels or vehicles for the communication of his divine life.