Christ Overcame Sin

January 6, 2021

Moral redemption from sin was the principal reason Jesus came. Mental and physical evils are consequences of moral evil because they came into the world as the result of a rebellion against God.  So now Jesus assumes our guilt as his own.  That was why he was silent seven times before Pilate.  Seven times he took our place, when we deserved to be condemned.  Seven times he spoke as the shepherd, seven times silent as the lamb.  During World War II on the Burma Road the Japanese had some prisoners.       

At the end of a working day one shovel was missing. The Japanese commander said that if the shovel was not returned within five minutes, ten men would be shot.  It was not returned at the end of three minutes. They repeated the warning.  One man stepped forward and was clubbed to death.  When they got back, they found all the shovels. Like Jesus, the dead prisoner had taken on the guilt of others.