Choose a college wisely!!

August 18, 2020


I am listening to you on Church Militant’s "Mic’d Up" podcast and you were introduced as having graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University.  Can you tell me about the college and if you would recommend it?  My daughter is graduating from Chesterton Academy of Rochester this year and she is trying to decide which college to go to.  She hasn’t been totally enthusiastic thinking about college but she is very bright and has always been a good reader.   My wife and I want her to continue to college but the college has to reinforce her solid Catholic education she has received thus far.  Of all her (9) colleges she applied to, Mount St. Mary’s offered her the best package.  She is also leaning toward this school as well and she has to make a decision before June 1st.

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Mount St Mary's College in West Los Angeles is run by a bunch of feminist old butch haircut habitless nuns. The teachings in so far as the Catholic faith is concerned are liberation theology, modernist and dissent from Church teaching. Its is a pagan secular college with the name Catholic just to draw in people. I can assure you that most young people that go there will lose their faith in Christ and the Church in 4 years. That College is everything that is wrong with our Catholic education that has been hijacked by the left. I recommend that you go to "The Cardinal Newman Society" here is where you are given those colleges that are faithfull to the teachings of the Catholic Faith.