June 17, 2020


I am a catholic from Croatia and I have a question about charismatic movement. It is getting really popular here and I am confused about their "gifts" and "wonders". I see it as a protestant inflitration in our beautful church with all their "babling" in tounges, falling in spirits and lay people laying hands and "healing" and exorcising demons. But I might be wrong, I just don't know.

Can you please tell me your opinion on catholic charismatic movement and their tounges,etc. What to make out of all this? Should I stay clear of it or is it really "new pentecost"?


The Charismatic Renewal was started in the late 60’s in the USA. It was originally called the Catholic Pentecostal Renewal. It emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus (this is good), it emphasizes daily reading of the Scriptures (this is good), it emphasizes spontaneous prayer and praise and worship music during their gatherings (this is good) and it emphasizes the gifts of the Holy Spirit (this is good).

The Charismatic Renewal has been approved as an authentic Catholic movement by the last three Popes, there is even an office in Rome called the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Offices – they operate with the full support of the Church.

The Charismatic Renewal has helped a lot of people really open their heart to the Lord and change the direction of their sinful life, however, I have also seen Catholics that are not well grounded in their faith end up leaving the Church for some protestant Pentecostal sect.

So here is my answer – if you are well grounded in your faith I would tell you to participate in this with caution. If you are not well grounded in your faith than I would tell you that many protestant Pentecostals were Catholic charismatics who were not deep in their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Also, I have seen in this movement what I would call: CHARISMANIACS which go overboard with emotionalism, sensationalism and personal subjective feelings and they downplay Church doctrines and devotion. But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water – just because there are some fruitcakes doesn’t mean that the movement is not of the Holy Spirit – because their are some good people in there.

Catechism paragraph 2003 speaks of sacramental graces and special graces called charisms, or charismatic graces. 

Now for my criticism, they downplay Marian spirituality and devotion. They downplay the sacraments and sacramentals. They blur the distinction between the ordained Priesthood and the laity - many of them try to function as a Priest and this is dangerous because demons know if you step outside your lane of authority, they will retaliate against you and your family.