Centurion, come back

March 26, 2021

St. John, who stood at the cross and who understood the heart of Christ better than anyone else because he leaned against it at the Last Supper, said, 'And all shall look on him whom they have pierced.' And then at the end of his life, when he began to write the Book of Revelation, he describes Christ's coming again. 'Behold he is coming with the clouds. Every eye shall see him. And among them, those who pierced him, and all the peoples of the world shall lament in remorse.' We shall all see the heart of the Lord.   As we review that love, we search for the centurion. Where is he? Centurion, come back. You have already acknowledged him as the Son of God, but come back. Come back even though his blood is at the end of your lance. Come back even though that sword fell and with one blow pierced two hearts: physically the heart of Christ, and mystically the heart of Mary. But one spear and two broken hearts for the world are broken bread. So centurion, come back. We want to tell you that there's another way to get closer to the heart of Christ than wounding him.