January 18, 2021


I'm Omar. I first saw you on Taylor Marshall's show and your discussions of demonic possession, and other topics, have left a huge impression on me. I am a big fan. I'm even thinking of getting your book "The Devil In the City of Angels" as a gift for my father -- wondering if it's available in Spanish??

I want to extend my gratitude for helping me turn to Catholicism these past years. By watching your testimonies online, it became a solidifying component to my eventual conversion. Both my parents are Evangelicals, my mother in particular was raised Catholic and was devoted to that faith until her early 20's. It took my own search to bring me to where I needed to be.

Now to the issue at hand. I love that you're a supporter of President Donald J. Trump. He is a personal hero of mine! Of all the things, his strong masculine energy and his exemplifying it to the world despite all challenges remains in my opinion his greatest achievement. Nothing is more important than bringing men back, and I believe before a man can turn to Christ he must first turn to the mirror.

My question. You made a reference on Dr. Marshall's show about a prophecy that Donald Trump would "save America". This equally startled and inspired me. Do you know where possibly I can read more about this? Also, do you still believe this will happen? How and when, perhaps? And if I may, out of curiosity, what do you make of the current situation in our country? I'm excited and look forward to hearing back from you hopefeully when you receive all this. You're the man, man.


Currently the book "The Devil in the City of the Angels" is not in spanish...not sure when it will be in spanish.

An American priest named Giacomo Capoverdi narrated that Tom Zimmer, a hermit (author of the Pieta Prayer book), that lives in the Holy House of Loreto. Tom Zimmer predicted in 1980 that Donald Trump will lead America back to God. In 1980 Tom Zimmer (monk) donated a brick to be put in the Holy door of the Vatican with the name of Donald J. Trump. The Mass celebrated in the Vatican everyday is for the intentions of all the names on the Holy Door. The Holy House of Loreto, Italy was carried by angels from Nazareth to Loretto to protect this house from Muslim invaders.

CATHOLIC PRIEST (Giacomo Capoverdi) PROPHECY ON TRUMP in the 80'S, confirmed by John Henry Weston  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmQOfndQ-Oc

President Trump started a movement to make American great again, by going back to 1st principles - In God we Trust, Liberty & E Pluribus Unum (from many one). This is all found in our currency. The other side believes in 'Big government we trust', 'Government tyranny' and 'from many lets divide by race.' President Trump exposed this great evil in our country called the deep state. Now the 74 or 75 million Patriots must stay involved by prayer and action.