The Catholic Church is a paramilitary structure

November 18, 2021


I was referred to you by a priest in Mariposa. I need a priest for deliverance ministry and this priest thinks you know of some. I would appreciate it if you could recommend a priest in the area where I live for deliverance.  An exorcist told me someone put hex on me and shortly after that, I left ministry due to a stroke and some health problems I was having. So I need deliverance from a hex.


Let me explain to you how the Church operates. 

The Catholic Church is a paramilitary structure, that is the way God set it up. Demons respond to the authority of natural law and divine positive law. If you are diabolically afflicted, you have to go through the proper channels (that’s the way everything in life functions).  When you call the Police, you get a young Patrol Officer to respond, not the Chief of Police. Most people will never meet the Chief of Police in their city. 

First step, you have to petition the Parish Priest. This is why it is important for every Catholic to be part of a Parish and have a relationship with the Pastor. The Pastor operates as a General Practitioner. The Pastor should do spiritual direction, counseling, the sacraments and offer minor prayers of exorcism. If the situation is more mental illness than the Pastor will recommend a Catholic therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist. 

Generally, Demons afflict people that don't know their faith and choose to live in mortal sin. 

Second question - where is your husband or father? Your husband or father has the power and authority to bless you and pray liberation/deliverance prayers over you and drive out the demon. He will have to do this night after night and it may take a long time but the demon will eventually yield to his authority. Hopefully your husband or father lives in a state of grace and is a practicing Catholic, this will make his prayers that much more powerful (cf. James 5:16).

Third - If your Pastor determines it is something above his ability to deal with than he will contact the diocesan exorcist. It is at this level that the diocesan exorcist would contact "the Doloran Fathers" and collaborate in your case.

If your contacted "the Doloran Fathers" they would send you to your Parish Priest for confession, spiritual direction and for blessings and deliverance prayers. Why? because his Pastor has spiritual authority over you and the demon will yield to his prayers. The only way "the Doloran Fathers" will take a case is once the diocesan exorcist and Bishop both agree to transfer the case to them. Barring this, "the Doloran Fathers" have NO jurisdictional authority over the diabolically afflicted person.

*The Doloran Fathers are an order of Exorcist Priest - the superior general is Fr Chad Ripperger.