Cancel Culture at it's finest!!!

January 13, 2021


As I wait for the rosary to come on during my commute, I have frequently listened to the Jesse Romero show. How can a Catholic radio allow this man on the air.The lies he spews and gospel he prescribes from is heresy, pure and simple. He picks and chooses bits and pieces of the bible and turns them into a diatribe to fit his agenda. How can he embrace a leader who endorses insurrection and violence. This so called leader of our country also has been married several times, made fun of the weak and informed just to name a few of his offenses. I’m pretty sure that’s not in the bible.This program needs to be taken off the air.

It is the Terry and Jesse show at 2 pm. Last week he was telling people they need to go physically to Mass. I have a husband with many, many comorbidities and it would be so unsafe to go to church. I can not put him at risk. I watch it on TV. This is just a sampling of what he is telling people to do. The God I love, knows my heart . In him I trust. There must be others who object to these men.Thank you for getting back to me.


I received this email that you sent to the radio station. Let me address your concerns. Last week after Holy Mass I had to politely correct a Priest for saying that we don't pray to Mary, thats simply wrong - we "do pray to Mary", that’s what our Church teaches in CCC 2679, a few months ago at another homily a Priest said "we are not the one true Church". I spoke to him after Mass and I send him the document "Lord Jesus" by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (undersigned by St John Paul II) stating "we are the one true Church."  When I correct someone on a doctrine of the faith I show them where they are wrong, that demonstrates Christian charity.

Can you please show me what I have said that is wrong 'doctrinally?'  You said "the gospel he prescribes is heresy." The definition of Heresy is "the obstinate denial after baptism of a truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith." Can you provide me an example of where I have taught error? What day? What show? What segment? What did I say?

Next - I won't rehash the great accomplishments of President Trump but you can take a look at them - - see the facts.

Fr Frank Pavone (the greatest Priest prolife champion in the world) wrote: Lie #12: President Trump Disrespects women

As Ralph Reed relates in his book For God and Country, when an attractive actress asked for a hug, Donald Trump said, “Melania says this is OK.” As those who know him attest, he is very respectful of women in his personal behavior. Moreover, his policies have advanced women's rights domestically and internationally, and he has given Ivanka Trump a leadership role there. He has taken unprecedented action to stop the human trafficking of women.

In his hiring practices, note the following:

·       Forty-eight percent of the overall White House staff are women: 216 to 234 men.

·       Three hundred fifteen are political appointees: 169 men, 146 women.

·       The staff of the president and first lady is 48% women: 181 women, 194 men.

·       Half of the national security council staff are women.


By the way, have you done things in the past that you regret? I have. Would you hold your entire life as the perfect example to the world of what it means to "be a follower of Christ?" The Holy Bible says: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

At times Terry and myself offer opinions and suggestions on radio, I believe that any Catholic that is not sick or ill should attend Holy Mass. I have not missed Holy Mass on Sunday in 59 years. Why? Its divine law - the 3rd commandment, it was given to us by God - there is no higher source, not government, no the CDC etc. Having said that, if your sick OF COURSE you are dispensed from attending Holy Mass, that’s always been the Church’s teaching. Let your well formed moral Christian conscience be your guide by following divine law.