Can a wife say binding prayers over her husband?

July 25, 2022


I wanted to ask if one can say binding prayers as a wife over her husband and or marriage? I have read the other responses about authority, but was confused in this regard as my husband is not Catholic (he has been attending Latin Mass with me for over a year) but not converted.  Do I not have authority over him being that we are united as one through marriage?



No, you can't pray imprecatory  prayers over your husband because he is the head, so to be safe, you can do deprecatory prayers for him, it would be something like: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, by merits of the grace of Holy Matrimony and in your Holy Name, I ask you to bind any evil spirits present to my husband (n.) - any spirits known to any of our angels, St. Michael or the VMP. If there are any demons blocking my husband from desiring sacramental reconciliation with you, may the light of Christ be upon him so that he see himself as the Heavenly Father sees him and that I see him as the Father sees him. Please drive away any spirits of rebellion from us and this home and grant us the grace of conformity to your holy will. Please grant (n.) good, clear images in his imagination and grant him the grace to assent to the truths of the Roman Catholic faith. Please pour out the graces of Holy Matrimony upon our marriage that we may grow together in holiness and in union with you, and wash away the effects of any personal or familial sins in our lives and in the lives of our children and grant him a holy desire for deep union with you through prayer and Reconciliation’- Amen.

Pray the rosary to Our Lady of Sorrows for 9 days so that she can reveal to you any obstacles that are an impediment to a greater outpouring of grace in your home.

You can pray over his body because you have rights over his body based upon 1 Cor 7. So, if your husband is suffering physically and you have gone through medical remedies (or suspect an exacerbation/influence by an evil spirit), you can do an imprecatory prayer, it would be something like this: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, in your Holy Name and by the authority given to me by natural law and divine positive law, through the merits of the marital debt and the grace of Holy Matrimony, I bind any demons afflicting my husband’s body and I ask you , Lord Jesus Christ, to heal his body that we may both serve you in holiness and peace’ - Amen.


Copy these prayers onto your phone so that you pray properly.