August 11, 2022


Is it ok that I say it alone even though my hubby no longer says it?
We got permission from our pastor to say it. My hubby and I started saying it in January 2019. My hubby’s mother died that December what seemed to be a very holy death (her soul was just like her but golden and it sat up and went up!); our homeschooled son’s faith was ebbing (maybe looking for an excuse perhaps.) The evil church shutdown here in NJ forced all of us to not attend church and when things opened up our son never returned. Our pastor recommended that we do not push him. My hubby got weirded out by these events and stopped saying the Auxilium Christianorum Prayers. I’ve been saying it alone for about 2 years now. Is that a big deal?
P.S. You gave us a prayer prescription for our son’s return to the Faith. I say it all faithfully. My hubby says the Light of Christ, Rosary, and chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the novena of the Latin binding prayer for our son. He has told me that if I add anything else then some other prayer will have to go. He often makes me lead the rosary because he will have to work while praying. He is a very good man.


You can only do the auxilium christianorum prayers if your husbands gives you permission to do them. He is the head of your house, he has spiritual authority over all of you in the home. If he gives you permission then continue praying the auxilium christianorum prayers. In a perfect situation, both of you should be praying them so that they can be more efficacious, a husband in a state of grace at prayer, to a demon his prayers sound like a canon balls being fired. Demons respond to the prayers as well as the imposition of order in the home. If they see they husband acting as head of house this makes your prayers more meritorious.