Can a demon possess a house or building? How about an animal?

July 8, 2021


Can a demon possess a house or building? How about an animal?


Demons cannot "possess" localities because, strictly speaking, they can only possess living things.  A house can be infested with demons that have mysteriously chosen that place or have been invited to that place by some evil or occult practice in its history.  When demons focus on a human habitation or locality, they can cause much suffering and chaos.  This is why a third section was added to the exorcism ritual in 1890 which contains the Exorcism of Pope Leo XIII, entitled Exorcism Against Satan and the Fallen Angels, which is an exorcism for places.  The same prayer that appeared in print officially in the 1925 edition of the Rituale Romanum.  It is important to note that public recitation of this prayer is restricted and must be authorized by a bishop.

The bodies of animals, while living, are not considered temples of the Holy Spirit, and so they too cannot be possessed, strictly speaking, although they can be infested by demons, and in that state can do much harm.  I do not agree with the very strange idea of Fr. Fortea that animals can only be freed of their obessions by being killed--no!  If a building can be freed of evil powers, all the more can these dear and innocent creatures of God be delivered of an infestation of demons.

By Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer "Exorcism and the Church Militant" page 43 question 28.