Building Up the Church

October 12, 2020

Gifts can be transient things. That's why St. Paul says of several of them, 'They will pass.' See how Saul lost his gift, or Samson. Samson had the charism of strength. And Samson one day said, 'I will go out and do as I've done before.', and scripture says that 'he knew not that the Lord had left him.' He no longer had the charism. So these particular gifts can be lost. We therefore have to keep a due balance in the Church, and not be overemphatic about certain gifts, not forming elites, not allowing anyone to say, 'We have a monopoly on the Spirit. You join our group. I am of Paul; I am of Cephas; I am of Apollos.' The test is always: does it build up the Church? If it does not build up the Church, then it is not properly used.