Brands plucked out of the burning

March 11, 2019

After seventy years of captivity in Babylon, 4,289 priests returned to Jerusalem. They were in rags, filthy, looking like anything but priests. At home there were the few who had stayed, and they were assisting Zerubbabel in the rebuilding of the Temple. Zechariah tells us that the high priest, the (one who was chosen among them all, was brought before the angel of the Lord. And there stood the adversary, the accuser. That is what the devil is: he is that in the book of Job; he is that in the book of Revelation. And the accuser accused Joshua. 'Look at his filthy garments! Look at that! Is that a priest?' And the angel of the Lord replied, 'Is not this man a brand plucked out of the burning? Clothe him with new robes.' That's what we are. All brands plucked out of the burning.