Betrayal of the true religion

January 29, 2021


I enjoy listening to your podcasts and started attending the Latin Mass.  I've got a situation where both my daughters have left the Church.  My eldest daughter is practicing a homosexual lifestyle after having two girls in a heterosexual relationship.  I've let her know that I will not participate in her marriage in any way.  However, my other daughter attends an evangelical church and she is having her youngest son dedicated.  I've attended the other two dedications, but now I feel that maybe that was wrong.  Do you know of a teaching on this for the Catholic Church?  My husband said that he will be going, but I'm not sure what is right.  I've always followed my husband's lead since he is the head of the house, but I'm not sure about this one.


Since she was brought up a Catholic (which is the one true Religion started by Jesus Christ) and she has now embraced some protestant denomination which rejects the authority of the Catholic Church, the seven sacraments, the entire Bible, Marian Dogma's etc. If you attend you would be a witness to a baptized Catholic betraying their baptismal promises. Therefore, your presence and silence are tacit approval of what she is doing. A Catholic who marries outside the Catholic religion and takes their children away to a man made denomination commits a grievous sin and your presence there causes scandal to other Catholics. I could never watch one of my kids leave and participate in a protestant denomination and be a witness to it - not a chance.