August 17, 2022

I’ve been praying the Auxilium Christianorum for few weeks now. But when I reviewed the requirements to be a member the #1 requirement is for the layman to consult their spiritual director/ confessor before becoming a member. I’m a little confused does this mean only men can be a member of Auxilium Christianorum? Can a laywoman pray the Auxilium Christianorum prayer? And Do I still need to consult my confessor?


Rule 1: Prior to becoming a member of the Auxilium Christianorum, the layman is strongly exhorted to consult his spiritual director or confessor. This means the man must get permission from their Parish Priest (Pastor) for himself and his wife. Now, if the wife is single, divorced or a widow than she must ask for herself from her Pastor.


Thank you for replying my question I really appreciate it . I am a single woman never been married. I became interested about Auxilium Christianorum when I heard about it from one of Jesse’s talk show.  I’m fascinated with this powerful prayer and devotion. The first time I’ve read the requirements to become a member I thought it was fine for me to pray the prayer  but when I reviewed it after a couple weeks the #1 rule really bothered me …. But thank you for the clarification and also I asked my Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) priest/confessor last Sunday about it and he said it’s ok I can pray the prayer.