November 30, 2022


I have a question that arose from thinking about the martyrs, who died for their faith. What should we do if someone threatens to take someone else's life unless we renounce the faith?  Also, my Catholic teenager has a friend whose brother committed suicide in the house where the friend still resides. Should I have concerns about my child spending time in that house? 


A Catholic should prefer death rather than deny JESUS. If you deny him and die without repenting you will go to hell. As long as your son lives in a state of grace (a clean Catholic life) than there is no problem. However, if your son does not practice his faith and lives in mortal sin, by going to a house where someone committed suicide would not be advisable. These houses attract evil spirits, until the house is blessed and everyone in the house returns to living in a state of grace, he should not hang out there. A demon can attach himself to him and he can bring him home.