Are Mary & the Holy Spirit Married?

May 3, 2017


I was very interested in the espousal relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit. But I still am a little confused about the "polyandry" issue with Mary being "espoused" or "betrothed" to Joseph. I understand how if Joseph would have had relations with Mary, that would be "polyandry." But what about Mary being spouse of Holy Spirit and Joseph at the same time. Please explain how this is not 'polyandry?' 


The writings of the Eastern Fathers who talk about the primacy of Mary's spiritual marriage to the Holy Spirit over her espousal to Joseph in the natural. Mary's nuptial relationship with the Holy Spirit is eternal while St. Joseph's espousal to Mary was only for this life. Mary's nuptial relationship with the Holy Spirit is of an entirely different order; therefore, she is not guilty of Polyandry. Just remember that Mary's relationship with the Holy Spirit is spiritual, not physical. Polyandry involves physical relations with more than one husband.

We can see similarly that we have a "spousal" relationship with Christ through the Church, (see II Cor. 11:2). We are "espoused" to Christ, yet our marriages are not considered to be immoral because they are on an entirely different level than our "espousal" to Christ. But we also understand that our "espousal" to Christ takes precedence over our "marriages" on this earth, in the sense that if our spouses would want us to deny Christ, we would have to deny our spouse and be faithful to Christ. Similarly, Mary was "espoused" to St. Joseph and she was faithful to him. But God called her to an even higher calling and she obeyed. There was nothing contradictory here, but it was unique to be sure.