Are Demonic Portals Common?

December 19, 2022


I listened to this talk with Roger Stone that blew me away and I would like Virgin Most Powerful Radio spiritual warfare team's take on it. Sadly Roger left the Catholic Church but he is now a sincere born again Christian.  In the video clip they show this alleged portal.  It looks disturbing. If this actually happened, we need a bishop or exorcist to respond to this.  


Demonic portals are common, it's part of the "spirit of this age." Especially a place like the White House where there is so much evil men and women living in mortal sin, no doubt alot of them are freemasons, Illuminati, satanist, witches & luciferians who are diabolically afflicted or have psychological compatibility with demons. The only person that has the juridical authority to drive out demons from the Archdiocese of Washington is Cardinal Wilton Gregory. Don't hold your breathe, he is part of the (deep state) problem.