September 22, 2022

Kari Lake Patriots:  Below are the links, email addresses, and I also attached 2 documents that might be helpful.

Volunteer as a poll observer.  Email Heidi Grande at [email protected]

Convince others to volunteer as poll observers. Everyone must be trained and credentialed before October 12!

Apply to work for the Maricopa County Elections Department.  602-506-1511 or go to

Load the VotifyNow app and encourage others to do so as well.  You don't need to be a candidate, politician, precinct committeeman, lawyer, etc.  Anyone can report election fraud!

Volunteer with Priests for Life (weekly call) -

Sign up to help with an election integrity project that can be done from home - email Erin at [email protected]

Get online training on motivating voters to become activists/donors from Leadership Institute ($9.99 for 19 lessons for a total of 4.5 hours of content) -

Make use of and share these websites (information can be used at your parish without endangering 501(c)3 status): - not as good on AZ races, but they include social media posts of candidates which are sometimes more telling than how they answer a questionnaire

Knock doors, talk with your neighbors, attend events and meet & greets, and invite your neighbors to go with you.  Face-to-face is the most effective way to inform and motivate people to vote.

Vote in person on November 8.  If you must, vote or drop off your ballot as close to election day as possible.

Harder to cheat because they don't know in advance how much to cheat.

Easier to staff with volunteers if we can decrease the number of voting days.

Never drop off your ballot into the drop box at the voting center on election day.  Surrender it, make sure you see them "spoil" the ballot, and vote a new ballot.

#1 thru #3 will be more effective than anything else you can do now to protect the 2022 election from election fraud.  It's how Virginia flipped their state.