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Who is Jesse Romero?

Jesse RomeroWith the same passion and commitment that made him a three-time World Police Olympics boxing champion, a former U.S.A. middleweight kickboxing champion and a retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Jesse shares Catholic teaching with an exciting style that is guaranteed to strengthen, edify and fortify you with a deeper love for God! 

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Jesse's preaching style wakes you up, he is engaging, he provides a hard-hitting analysis of the enormous spiritual and moral challenges Catholics face today.

Fr. Bill Casey
Rev. William P. Casey, C.P.M.

Jesse Romero is a straightforward, straight talking evangelist. He doesn't mince words when speaking the truths of our Faith. It is so refreshing! It is quite obvious by his passionate delivery that Jesse wants us all to grow in holiness. He truly cares about our souls.​

Debbie Georgianni
Debbie Georgianni

Jesse preaches with the power and authority of the Gospel. Totally orthodox and totally dynamic. What a great combination!

Dr. Ralph Martin
Ralph Martin

Jesse Romero is a powerhouse of evangelization for our times! I have spoken at many conferences with him and encourage everyone to listen to him and check out his material. It will change your life!

Fr. Donald Calloway
Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Jesse Romero is a passionate evangelist who knows how to light a fire in any audience. He's a great choice for a speaker at any conference or event.

Trent Horn
Trent Horn

Jesse Romero is passionate about the faith, faithful to Church teaching, and in love with the Scriptures. When you combine this with his energetic zeal for souls, what you have is one powerful evangelist!

Jason Evert
Jason Evert

For a Catholic men's conference, you can’t do better than having Jesse Romero as a speaker. His background as a fighter and law enforcement officer earns him immediate respect. Jesse conveys the faith with spirit-filled strength, passion, conviction, and contagious humor. It’s been my privilege to see God do great things through him.

Steve Wood
Steve Wood

"Jesse Romero is an outstanding speaker and motivator. His courage to speak the truth is uplifting and challenging. More than this, i have known Jesse for years and he is an authentic man and a true friend. I enthusiastically recommend Jesse's books and talks as an antidote for the malaise infecting our holy church."

Image Of Mens Conference
Officer Michael McCartney

"I've had the chance to share audiences with Jesse many times. His pull no punches, hard hitting style makes me feel like a touchy feely psychologist. This is a man to be heard. He is on fire to share our faith."

Ray Ewtn Host
Dr. Ray Guarendi (EWTN - the Doctor is in)

"As a 5 time Major League Baseball All-Star, I was blessed to play with some of the best athletes in the world. As a Catholic, I am blessed to listen to some of the best biblical teaching and preaching in the world when I listen to Jesse Romero on Catholic Radio. Jesse challenges me to be the man that God has called me to be...ON AND OFF THE FIELD!"

Mike Sweeney
Mike Sweeny

"Jesse Romero was one of my top students and my sparring partner who would spar with me in preparation for my World Title Fights. Jesse preaches the Gospel just like he fought, fearless, bold and skillful. The Lord has prepared Jesse and now he is teaching all of us to do 'spiritual warfare.' I'm glad were on the same team once again."


"“I love Jesse Romero, I love his talks, his books, I love everything he does! With a background like his, a retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who has also won many kick boxing titles and his incredible knowledge about the Catholic Faith, he has the ability the connect to all walks of life, the weak, the strong, the tough and all the other ones that need saving. He's just awesome!”Thank God

Bas Rutten

“For too long Catholics have been underfed and soft balled the truth. Jesse's talks are a bucket of fresh water in the face, full of the Church's powerful teachings to wake Catholics up, informing
and inspiring them to pick up Christ's cross, battle evil and achieve victory over sin!”

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Jesse’s motto is: Love God, Save Souls, & Slay Error!



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