The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Answering The Skeptics - 4 CD set

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This is the most important message of Christianity and this is the central issue which gave life, power and hope to the early Catholic Church. The resurrection is what sets Christianity apart from any of the other world religions. The central truth of the resurrection preached by the apostles made cowardly men into lions of the faith. 

The acid proof of Christianity is that Jesus Christ conquered death and the resurrection of Our Lord is one of His greatest credentials that proves He is the'Son of God.' Upon hearing these lectures and weighing the evidence, you will see how it overwhelmingly supports that Jesus Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!

In this series of talks, Jesse Romero confronts, and clearly and forecfully answers the following questions:

1) Was Jesus simply a myth?
2) Was Jesus just a mere man?
3) Did Jesus followers make all of this up?
4) Are the witnesses to this story reliable?
5) Is the New Testament reliable?
6) Was the Resurrection important to the early Church?
7) Is the resurrection important to Christianity?

Jesse will also teach you how to answer the skeptics theories on the Resurrection such as:

1) Did the eyewitnesses simply hallucinate?
2) Did Jesus die on the cross or did He just faint and wake up later on?
3) Was Jesus body stolen by His followers?
4) Did everybody go to the wrong tomb? Could this be the case?

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Item: 4 CDs


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Answering The Skeptics - 4 CD set

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