What Is Wrong with Marijuana: 50 Questions and Answers - Book

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What Is Wrong with Marijuana: 50 Questions and Answers

A Christian Reflection On The Use Of Marijuana

"There is a ground-swell of misinformation coming from those who seek to prosper financially at the expense of our children and our society. It is a very real possibility that marijuana could be legalized here in California and other states in this next election which poses a serious threat.

Jesse attacks this epidemic from a biblical and medical perspective as well as from his experience working the streets as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. I have known Jesse for over twenty-five years and worked side by side with him when we were young Deputies in the barrios of East Los Angeles. I have read this book and endorse it wholeheartedly as it is filled with truth and facts that cannot be dismissed.

I know Jesse to be a passionate individual. I could feel his passion come out in this book. Being on the front lines of Narcotics Enforcement, I have to say this book could not have been written at a better time to combat the lies that seek to destroy our children and our families."

—Detective Sgt. Ruben Nava
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Bureau


His messages are biblical and are delivered with energy and conviction, which has become a Jesse Romero trademark.  Jesse has been blessed with tremendous God-given enthusiasm combined with a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith. He hosts a daily radio program in English through Immaculate Heart Radio and in Spanish with ESNE Radio and En Familia Radio.


What Is Wrong with Marijuana: 50 Questions and Answers - Book

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