What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Pope (DVD)

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Watch as Scott Hahn, Michael Barber, Brant Pitre, and Jesse Romero passionately explain the role of the Popes from Saint Peter to Pope Benedict XVI. 

The Pope is the Spiritual Father of all Christians around the world. The Roman Pontiffs have guided the Church for nearly 2,000 years; longer than any other existing institution. In this remarkable presentation you will discover how Christ Himself instituted the Papacy precisely as a sign of unity among believers.


• Why Catholics believe in the Papacy when the word “Pope” is not in the Bible.
• Learn why the Catholic Church has been under the same management for 2000 years.
• What constitutes the Biblical roots of the “Chair of Peter”
• Why Catholics believe the Popes are divinely protected from error (infallibile) in matters of faith and morals
• Why the Church needs a visible head on earth
• Where the bible demonstrates that Jesus Christ instituted the Papacy
• Why Peter is truly “the Rock,” the Shepherd” and the “Son of the Dove”
• What the Old Testament teaches us about the “Keys of the Kingdom” given to Peter by Christ
• And much more...

Format: DVD Video 
Length: Approx. 73 min
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What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Pope (DVD)

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