Protestant Questions, Catholic Answers

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Jesse Romero, M.A.

In How Is One Justified, you will hear how the father of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, opposed the authority and the teaching of the Catholic Church specifically on the doctrine of Justification and why this is one of the most heated topics of discussion between Catholics and non-Catholics. You will hear both sides accurately represented and you will see the way the Catholic view on Justification fully harmonizes with Scripture and Tradition.

In Jesus In the Eucharist: Symbol or Real Presence, you will clearly see the biblical basis for Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This is probably the most easily demonstrable Catholic doctrine that is found in Sacred Scripture, especially as it is clearly revealed in the N.T. as the ‘Mystery of Our Faith’ and as ‘Emmanuel – God with Us.’

In The Blessed Virgin Mary – God’s Masterpiece, Jesse shows why some Protestants claims sound plausible until one realizes the fact that a mother gives birth to a person and not a nature.  Jesse clearly and expertly sums up the Catholic teachings regarding Mary and then shows us that when we understand that Jesus Christ is truly God, we'll see Mary as Mother of God.

In Bible And The Church: Both or Neither, Jesse explains how in religions like Islam, similar in this way to Protestantism, there’s no visible head or teaching authority and the eventual result is confusion and chaos. You'll be suprised to hear how few apostles actually wrote any inspired scripture... and much more.

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Protestant Questions, Catholic Answers

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