Holy Orders: Why The Catholic Church Has An Ordained Clergy

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In this series, Catholic Lay Evangelist Jesse Romero explains that, just as society has secular authority (government) for the common good, God has in like manner established spiritual authority in the ordained Catholic clergy. 

He also shows where the New Testament gives us the three-fold ministry of Bishop, Presbyter and Deacon, and clarifies how Martin Luther, the first Protestant Reformer opposed the authority of the Church and then saw the anarchy in his lifetime.

In this presentation you will hear a clear explanation of how the Church is the Household of God, and why it was the Church that gave the Bible to us.  Jesse explains why we need the priesthood and why the priesthood brings us the Eucharist.  In Jesse's words, "No Priesthood – no Eucharist, it's that simple!

Finally, you will hear how God the Father gave authority to God the Son, and how it was the Son Who gave authority to the Apostles. The apostolic lineage is further clarified as Jesse lays out how the Apostles gave authority to the Bishops, who gave authority to the Priests, who then give authority to the Deacons.

Jesse clarifies that the Catholic Church has been "under the same management" for almost 2,000 years because it is our Lord who has given us the ordained clergy.

Additionally, this set explains why:
• The Church is not a religion of the book, but of Jesus Christ
• The Church is like a "kingdom of priests" called to offer sacrifice
• The word "priest" is an abbreviation of "presbyter"
• The Apostles were the first Catholic Bishops 

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Holy Orders: Why The Catholic Church Has An Ordained Clergy

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