Encountering the Mercy of God: Power of Confession

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Jesse then clarifies why sin is not only cancer to the soul, it also effects the body negatively and then he then illustrates the "Good News" that Christ’s mercy is more powerful than your sin while Our Lord simultaneously gives us the admonishment to “go and sin no more.”

Find out why it's "Good News" that God “removes our sin as far as the east is from the west” and why God forgives and forgets. 

Jesse then reveals how Christ demonstrated His spiritual authority to forgive sins through His miracles and where Christ now shares this power and authority to forgive sins with the apostles and their successors.

Finally, Jesse describes why unconfessed, unrepentant mortal sin can excommunicate you from the Church and why, after making a good Confession, every Catholic can, and should, shout from the rooftops: T.G.I.F. - THANK GOD I’M FORGIVEN!

You will also hear:
• How the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins (cf. John 16:8-9)
• How Confession restores us back to the family of God (cf. Lk 15)
• True repentance is known as ‘godly sorrow’ (cf. 2 Corinthians 7)
• Why national repentance is also pleasing to God (cf. 2 Chronicles)
• The physical effects on the body of unconfessed sin
• What Jesus' encounter with the sinful woman teaches us<
• What the Holy Spirit tells us about our own sins
• Why Heaven rejoices mightily when a sinner repents
• Why some sins may have to be confessed numerous times

Format: CD Audio
Length: Approx. 191 min
Item: 3 CDs


Encountering the Mercy of God: Power of Confession

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