Emmanuel: God With Us

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Jesse Romero, M.A.  --  

Emmanuel: God With Us (In the Holy Eucharist)

Let’s face it, the stakes are high, either Christ is really absent or really present in the Eucharist. Either this is God sacramentally present or this is crude idolatry, so listen and learn what Catholics have believed for 2,000 years. 

In this series, you will learn:

• A step by step explanation of transubstantiation
• How the Jewish Passover prefigured the Holy Eucharist
• About the Jewishness of the Catholic Mass
• Why the Eucharist is not God’s contract; but is His covenant with us
• The three (3) ways Christ is present to us
• A penetrating historical verse by verse examinaion of John 6
• Why Jesus uses the double AMEN at the Eucharistic discourse
• Why people disbelieved & walked away from Jesus in Jn 6:66
• What Jesus means when saying, “the flesh is of no avail”
• Early Church Fathers on the doctrine of ‘transubstantiation’


• "In this life, there are a few things worth listening to and paying for... this CD set is certainly one of them."
• "In order to be aligned with anything in this world, it must be clear... Jesse certainly is."
• "Although these events happened 2000 years ago – he (Jesse) makes it feel like the present."
• "Wow! Kids really need to listen to this." — Director, Pharmaceuticals Company

Format: CD Audio
Length: Approx. 188 min
Item: 3 CDs


Emmanuel: God With Us

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