Christianity Vs. The Occult

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Webster's Dictionary defines the "occult" as pertaining to mystic arts involving magic, divination, astrology, alchemy or the like.  To state it in simpler terms, occult is power obtained in some secret or unexplained way. 

Jesse then explains how:
- in magic, unseen deception is used;
- in divination, an unexplained source is used to reveal information;
- in astrology, the position of the stars is used to explain human personality;
- in sorcery, divination, conversing with spirits and psychics all draw upon preternatural power

Jesse also shows why occult power is the ability to influence, reveal or explain actions or events with power that is more than natural and where, in both the Old and New Testaments, God commands His people to abstain from occult practices of any kind - in the strongest possible terms.

Romero then explains where scripture associates occult activity with superstition, idolatry, deception, fear, futility, uncleanness and rebellion and why God regards such things as evil, demonic, and deserving of swift and severe judgment!

Listen and learn about this "kingdom of the occult" governed by the Prince of Darkness:

1) Freemasonry — 2) Rosicrucianism — 3) Kabbalah — 4) Wicca
5) Church of Satan — 6) Spiritualism — 7) Santeria — 8) Voodoo
9) Theosophy — 10) Anthroposophy — 11) Eckankar — 12) Astrology and Horoscopes

Jesse then explains how occultic practices are the original “you can be like God” lie sold to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how, as Christians, we must fight back.

Jesse Romero's new CD set is an ideal tool to help educate and inform people about the dangers of the Occult.  Keep watch! Be vigilant!  The occult ideas being pushed by Satan cannot be easily dismissed. They’re building steam and gaining ground—even among our fellow Catholics. Find out how they can be fought and exposed to the true light—the Light of the World!

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Length: Approx. 268 min
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Christianity Vs. The Occult

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