Catholicism Meets Calvary Chapel 2 (MP3)

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Tim Staples and Jesse Romero, M.A.

Do you know someone who claims to have been "saved" or "born-again"? Have your family members or friends been led out of the Catholic Church after attending a non-denominational Bible study or evangelical worship service? Ever been at a loss for words to refute or respond to a "born-again believers" sometimes vehement attacks against the Catholic Church? 

Listen in as Jesse Romero and Tim Staples engage two well-known professors from Calvary Chapel's school of ministry on the fundamental question: "How does one get to heaven?" 

Join them as they debate topics such as salvation and justification, faith and reason, biblical inspiration and Church authority - in depth - during their lively exchange. 

This is the type of series that you will want to listen to over and over again to train yourself to defend the Faith.  Let Tim and Jesse arm you with an abundance of Bible passages and the unimpeachable historical facts needed to support the Catholic position.

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Catholicism Meets Calvary Chapel 2 (MP3)

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