Atheism: Not Just Monkey Business

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(4-CD Set)

Jesse Romero, M.A. --

Discover How to Refute the Claims of Today’s Most Dangerous Opponent of Catholic Truth!

Popular Catholic evangelist and radio personality Jesse Romero, M.A. has collected a powerful arsenal to combat the threat of militant atheism.

With this hard-hitting series Atheism: Not Just Monkey Business, you’ll reap the benefits of fifteen years of in-depth research into this crucial topic.

Now, in common, down-to-earth language, you’ll find all the answers you need to protect the souls of those you love as you join in the great spiritual battle of our day.

What you'll discover:

Why atheism is the most important problem facing the Catholic Church today
How dogmatic atheism has become the "religion of the university"
What are the major fallacies of the theory of evolution
What is the importance of fatherhood in the psychology of atheists
Why atheism is not an intellectual problem, but a “problem of the heart”
Why more and more of our kids are becoming victims of atheist propaganda
And much more.



Atheism: Not Just Monkey Business

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